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Landscape Design

Design Consultancy

A site visit allows us to discuss your requirements for the garden, your likes and dislikes, and for you to have an understanding of the choices of services available to you. Perhaps you want plenty of room for the kids to play or you may wish to attract a greater variety of beneficial insects and wildlife to your garden or be heavily dedicated to growing home produce, the choices are practically endless.  It’s important to get it right, as you could be living with your garden for a long time. A client interview will enable me to interpret your desires and necessities for the garden and deliver a design to match your own individuality.

With an arranged one-off visit you can seek advice or ideas on how to achieve the best for your garden, discuss garden planning and the use of materials and plants. There is usually a charge for this service, which can also include travel costs depending on where you are. However a bit of professional advice may be all that you need to get you on the way to designing your own garden.

These can either be part of a full design service or as a stand-alone solution. Provisional plans or visuals are used to identify the general components of a design or as an ideas option to help you to develop your own plan. They also help to establish the basis for a full design. They are normally basic sketches not necessarily to scale, but containing enough information to convey the main elements of the design idea etc.

A garden or landscape design can by produced either conventionally as a hand drawn colour rendered plan or alternatively as a CAD design. Quite often this can depend upon the complexity of the design and whether there are large or complicated structures that would benefit from being drawn with the precision of a computer. Additionally the added benefit of computer created plans is the ability to “walk through” a 3D image of the garden giving a clear and accurate representation of the finished design.

Having worked within the pinnacle of New Zealand’s leading design and landscape construction businesses I am perfectly placed to source professional landscapers who I know are capable of constructing beautifully crafted gardens to the highest quality. If you have a busy lifestyle or simply cannot afford the time but want peace of mind that the finished garden meets with your expectations I can oversee projects to ensure work is carried out in accordance with the design. I can make periodic checks to ensure the quality of workmanship is maintained, that the project runs to schedule and the integrity of the design is protected.